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Orientation Guide for Medical Volunteers

Welcome to the Orientation Guide for our Clinic

This information is based on the experiences of medical volunteers working here in Guadalupe.  The Clinic is an amazing place to work, where the patients are truly appreciative of your work and time, and come to call you “Doctors Who Cure.”  Many leave their homes in the early morning hours to get in line before our doors open, and wait for hours for their turn.  It has been a privilege and responsibility to have this kind of trust from the people here.

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Medical Spanish for General Medicine

After spending six months working in Guatemala and another six months here at the Clinica Misional in Guadalupe, I decided to write this guide to help you learn some very basic “Medical Spanish.” It would indeed be wonderful if every volunteer were fluent in Spanish before she/he comes here to Ecuador. But that certainly cannot ever be possible. I knew before going to Guatemala that I would be spending a year or more as a volunteer physician in Central and/or South America. Because of that, I did a 6-week immersion language program in Guatemala before starting my volunteer work.

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