Clínica Misional "Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe"
Vicariato Apostólico de Zamora, Ecuador

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Our Commitment

The Mission Clinic "Nuestra Señora de Guadalupe" is committed to providing health care to everyone, without prejudice of race or social class. Whether rich or poor, Mestizos, Saraguro or Shuar, from large cities or remote villages, all are welcomed and cared for.

Waiting areaOur preference is to offer medical and dental care to the poor. Consultations cost $1 instead of the $20 charged by local doctors and dentists. Drugs are sold at cost and sometimes even below cost, to enable the poor to receive treatment for chronic diseases. We also offer inexpensive dental care, for example root canals for $20 instead of the $150 charged by local dentists.

The well-to-do receive the same medical care as the poor. We only offer basic dental services, not implants, permanent bridges, crowns or braces. The wealthy have to wait their turn the same as the poor.

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